3 Days At Once? You Gotta Be Kidding Me?!

April 15, 2010-April 16, 2010
Sorry, It has been 2 days since I haven’t posted. But I forgot to describe Wednesday. I feel so ticked off! No offense.

I am going to skip Wednesday, so right now I am in Thursday. Trust me, Thursday was not a good day. Pretty much I had messy rooms everywhere. This is not a joke, my room was so dirty even though it was only part of my room. So I decided to take a few pictures to give you an example of our rooms.

My room (This is only part of my room)

My sister’s room (the whole room)

The Kitchen (half of the kitchen) (My little sister Anabelle is always in one of my pictures!)

Help me out here. School was really tough today (on Friday). I had a bunch of tests, no joke I got bored of my 8:00 am elluminate. So I quit when we had 6 minutes left. I really don’t like my math new teacher (Ms. Merced). She barely pays attention to me or my class. So look at the school work I had today!

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