Troubling Friends

April 13, 2010-April 14, 2010
Does anybody (that goes to school) have a CRCT? If you are, then I hope you’re ready for it. Because the higher grade you are in the harder the test is.

Today school was kind of slow than expected. It took me 2 hours to finish 2 subjects. Which to me was very slow. I was trying to figure out the problem in my mind, but I couldn’t get any bit of information. Then I realized I was practically acting dumb. I wasn’t paying attention to school, that was the problem. That meant I had a brain default.

Most people (friends) think I am destined to be something special. Some people wished I wasn’t even born. Well, that was offensive. Let me get something strait, I haven’t hated someone so hard that I wished they were not born. I’ve only hated someone so hard that they wouldn’t be my friend. That’s all I do to mean, abusive name calling people. You have noticed my name is Andrew, it is known to be one of the most common names in the world. My name is also on the 12 gates of heaven or was it the 10 gates heaven? The word Andrew comes from old greek ‘ανήρ/άνδρος’ ‘aner/andros’, meaning “male”.

Remember I said earlier, there are people who wish I wasn’t even born? Well I can give you tons of reasons from only one person. I would also like you to share your perspective about so-called friends. I started having so-called friends when I was 9 years old. This all started after this kid called Savino (10) moved into my neighborhood. I was the first one to actually come up to him and welcome him to the new neighborhood. After that we became nice friends. We had some good times as friends. Until another friend of mine called Alex (12) told us there were elements (in the superhero way). Savino didn’t believe it. But I did believe Alex. While I was believing this terrible lie we found a lake. In the lake we saw a something sticking out. Alex and I thought it was the horn of the bad element. Savino said it was just wood. Then we started fighting. Alex won the fight. I said I agreed wit what Alex said. Then Savino got angry at me.

Now that’s the story of how I got so-called friends. So now its carried on for the rest of my life. 🙂


3 comments on “Troubling Friends

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  2. Hello Andrew,

    Greetings from Italy. I was greatly surprised when I saw that you were a boy of ten. It is so wonderful that two distant generations can meet in the name of technology. Consider me as a “grand-grand-uncle”. I am 65yo and live in Italy-Florence.
    Can you help me with my WordPress Blog? I am not so familiar with it.
    I saw that you sent a comment on the latest WordPress Theme “Under the Influence”. How can I use this theme for my current Blog:
    Maybe you can tell me what should I do to transfer the content of my current Blog into this new theme.
    Meanwhile i wish you and your family lots of blessings.

    Giuseppe Spagnolo

    P.S. When I learned English many, many years ago, in Scotland, I used to practice it with boys and girls of your age. They were very helpful and they enjoyed it because they liked to correct my mistakes.

    P.S.1 If you want you can use directly my e-mail: It’s ok, I have your e-mail somewhere else. Don’t show e-mail out in public. 😉

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