What Shall I Do?

Now, you see me posting more often. I’ll give you a schedule of posts each week and some more breaking news. :mrgreen:

Posting Days
Monday 1 post
Tuesday 1 post (including: Breaking News!)
Wednesday 2 posts
Thursday no posts
Friday 1 post
Saturday 2 posts

I’ll give you a warning

Through April 26, 2010-April 30, 2010 I will be doing a CRCT. Sorry, I won’t be able to post for four days! I hope you can forgive me!

On May I will be able to tell you how those four days went.

On May 8th it will be my birthday.

62 Spammers came over to my site in one day!

On May 6th it will be my Sister’s (Patricia) birthday.

On May 16th it will be my dad’s birthday.

That’s all for breaking News! Enjoy tomorrow


6 comments on “What Shall I Do?

  1. Lorenzo says:

    What is CRCT?

  2. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    Wow! Lots of birthdays in May. It’s interesting how people’s birthdays seem to fall in clusters. I seem to be attracted to birthdays around May 6 -12th, July 9th-24th and Aug 20th-28th. Almost all of my close relatives and friends have birthdays in those ranges.

    I’ll have to add your birthday to my post about kid’s birthdays. So, were you 11 on May 8th? Or 12?

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, so far I’ve seen a lot. Yeah, though it’s odd for me. But, interesting is okay. Well, Skydancer. This is the first time I’m saying this, but, welcome to the May family. 😀 Wow, almost all. Well, most of my family members have that too. Brother, we must carry on the tradition. Lol. Well, 11 yeah and May 8 is good.

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