I Thought I Would Never Survive Yesterday

April 12, 2010-April 13, 2010
Yesterday, school actually turned out very entertaining. Not that I am happy about it, but good enough to actually fool me for 4 hours that I was going to be okay. School sounded easy at first, then I got a report I needed to be at 3 elluminates today. It says the time periods for each elluminate were 8:00 am 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. I already missed the 8:00 am period, which contained some good math information for the upcoming CRCT.

I bet you know what a CRCT is, it’s basically a test. Not just any test, a big test. In public schools CRCT is the test you have to finish and then you have to move on to another grade. Well not in my school, the CRCT is a big test. Though, if you fail it (in my school) you just have to do it again in the Summer. That’s the only worst thing that could happen to me if I failed the test. I am so relieved that the CRCT is coming in 2 weeks, that means I won’t have to wait for the CRCT and then forget what I learned.

On the other hand, I have to get the elluminates completed so I know what problems I am going to be facing in the CRCT. I think I deserve to be in 6th grade (even though I started this school in December). Right now I am catching up with school. I started school in December, that means I have to finish half of my school and then I pass the grade. But, if I want to complete all of the subjects, then I get to do the second semester in 6th grade. But I rather go with half finishing my subjects.

Right now, I am studying Social Studies on a site called Study Island. I have already completed all of the Science and Math tests. I am almost finished with Reading, but my teachers prefer that I do Social Studies. Because that will definitely be in the CRCT. So right now I am studying World War I and Postwar America and the Great Depression and New Deal. I hope I will complete them, because there is a lot to read in the Social Studies tests.

Besides Social Studies and Study Island, I had a load of homework today. I had a Unit Assessment (means the last lesson for the unit) for Social Studies and Math. I completed Social Studies and Math. Except my dad didn’t have enough time to check my Math. Now, my dad and I haven’t been able to finish the Unit Assessment for 4 days. I felt kind of ticked off. I finished my plan today. Wow that was a lot of wok. Now, I have mentioned I have busy days on my older post: https://andrewpaladie.wordpress.com/2010/04/02/today-is-my-day-to-relax/#respond. Sammy had a good point of view about the post. But today wasn’t just a school busy day. It was a busy day in the fantasy world (child world). Just because I am ten, doesn’t mean I can’t imagine (use my imagination). I love to use it, with my friends and family. I played with my friends (like usual).

Okay I am kind of getting sick of people advertising here (spammers). The only reason I let them off spam is so I can get comments. Oh and I failed one of the Social Studies (Study Island) tests. But, I am going to try it again. Hope I do good tomorrow.

Yesterday was my best friend’s sister’s birthday! Cheers and Happy Birthday!


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