I Have Great Parents Don’t Deny It!

April 5, 2010
Please, don’t deny something that is true. Some people (in movies or probably in real life) dislike or don’t enjoy their parents. I don’t support that idea, to me, it doesn’t sound right. Don’t you agree? Who gave birth to you? (besides dad) Your parents. Who gave you knowledge? Actually the public schools, but your parents spend their money so you can be educated. Who cared for you when you were down? You parents! How could people hate (or dislike) moms and dads? I think people have a few reasons to change my mind. You could give me a reason. But I still will not change my mind. Never, not even for a Chevy Camaro.

My parents are so awesome they let me go on the computer everyday. They especially let me use their Ipod touch. Now that’s not just parent approval, that’s “Parent Grace” as I call it. Today (on Monday) I was bored, trying to think of something to do. My parents tried to entertain me, but I wasn’t feeling anything exciting. So, I just went outside, asked almost everybody in the neighborhood to come outside and hangout. Obviously my so-called friend Savino Hernandez played with us because he was bored too.

We played for awhile, I went back home. My mom said we were going somewhere, which made me excited. We went to a person’s house with 2 children called Andrew (Boy) Allison (girl). I was excited to know they also had an Xbox 360 and a cool game. I was ready to start gaming but I still remember manners. At least they had the family had a big dog! So, luckily I had something to use. This is a picture that shows how the dog looked like slightly.
We had a great time, especially when we got to stay there ti’ll 11:00 pm. Nothing really exciting happened after that, so I guess I am done with April 5, 2010.


12 comments on “I Have Great Parents Don’t Deny It!

  1. willowbatel says:

    Your young, wait a few years and you’ll understand. Actually that doesn’t even apply. I hated my dad very early in life. You have good parents, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does. If your dad hit you, violently and repeatedly, you would understand what it’s like to hate a parent. But you probably won’t ever hate your parents which is a good thing.
    How old are you exactly? I remember you saying you were 12 a while ago, but that’s definitely not right.

    • Andrew says:

      Theologically speaking, nobody should hate their dad (or mom), they gave birth to you. I don’t control your life, I am fine if you hate your dad. I have experienced some good parents, but most of my friends have some screaming, violent parents. Still you don’t have to hate your parents just because you are not given the nice treatment all the time. Privately, my parents have hit me numerous times when I disobey something. I still love them. I am ten and soon 11 on May 8th.

  2. willowbatel says:

    My dad was screaming and violent and awful. He hates everything about me, even if he doesn’t know it’s me that he hates. The police have been called numerous times because of his violent actions. Your parent may have hit you, but that doesn’t mean they abused you.
    The only time my dad treats me nicely is when he’s trying to buy my love. Because of his abuse he bought me a motorcycle, a quad, a laptop, an x-box, a TV, several plants, a wii, and an iTouch among many other things.

    • Andrew says:

      Wow, so your dad is abusing you for no reason? That doesn’t make sense dude. If your dad abuses you for no reason, then that means he’s angry and he wants to put all of his anger on something. But besides that , you just disobey and that’s what gets your dad to get angry. :mrgreen:

      • willowbatel says:

        Andrew, when a person tells you that their father has been abusing them for years, DON’T EVER SAY THAT IT’S BECAUSE THEY WERE DISSOBEYING AND DESERVED IT.

      • Andrew says:

        Okay… but can I ask why not?

      • willowbatel says:

        Because you honestly have NO IDEA what it is you just said. Only when you truly understand what it’s like to be physically abused, not just spanked every once in a while, but seriously abused, can you make a comment like that. And since people who do understand what its like wouldn’t ever say that, you certainly aren’t allowed. Please think before you say things like that.

      • Andrew says:

        I have NO IDEA? I have been abused. About three times. Once, my friend forced me to go to a porn site, I didn’t do it. But he did it and I got hurt so bad from my parents that I was starting to bleed and become weak in the muscles. Secondly, my friends started a fire in the forest. It was little. Then it started getting bigger. It caused a forest fire. I got pulled in the hair several times. The other one is private. Sure I’ll think before I say things. But believe me I have been abused, even at this very day.

      • willowbatel says:

        About three times? Are you kidding me? Those instances were all ENTIRELY different from mine. I’ll admit that your parents may have reacted poorly, but you certainly had no business being on a porn site at your age. And a forest fire? No lie, I probably would’ve smacked you too. I would’ve smacked myself if I were you. However, physical abuse is not the answer, and I do not condone your parent’s behavior. That said, you don’t know what it was like for me growing up. My father almost killed me several times. He abused me for YEARS, not just three times. If it were only three little times, my parent wouldn’t’ve divorced and I wouldn’t hate my father would I?

      • Andrew says:

        Dude, you’re older than I am. I expect that you get hit (abusively) several times. My stupid friends forced me to go on a Porn site, I didn’t want to go on that site. Actually it was a Forest fire and another fire behind the forest. It wasn’t even me, and I got in trouble because of the stupid moves my friends do.

        Abuse is not the answer to hating parents. If you think your dad beats the crap out of you and you should start hating him. So be it. I don’t own your body.

  3. Okay,I know i said i would never go on your site again, but hey, i enjoy scouring ignorant blogs and putting in my own two cents. so sue me.

    Do you really equate a forest fire and a friend making you go on a porn sight to abuse? Because if you do, I’d hate to know what you’d call what me, Willow, and a bunch of my other friends have gone though. You say your parents made you bleed. But i bet when they realised what they had done, they apologised, told you they loved you… at the very least made sure you weren’t dying, right? Have you ever gone days on end without food, or seeing your parents? Is your parental figure more like a lazy camp counselor then an actual parent? Do you frequently find yourself taking over as the adult of the house, even if by some chance there is an adult home? If so, then maybe you can call yourself abused. Maybe. So… bye. off to find more ignorant posts and leave comments.

    • Andrew says:

      Why you call me ignorant? The forest fire was non of your business. Especially the porn site. I was really close to bleeding. My parents at the end apologize, say they love me and pray thatr I don’t do wrong. 🙂

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