Easter Time!

April 4, 2010
Easter is so fun especially when I go to church first. In order to get to the service my family likes, we have to wake up at 7:00 in the morning. We have to get dressed, get our hair done, brush our teeth and wash our face and we have to clean our rooms. Well, that’s rude to have to do lots of things in order to get to a special service. I only agreed with this because my best friend and some of my other friends go to the same kind of service I go to. Well, would you look at that. My sister Patricia wants to look good around the fake, plastic food. How precious of her to look stylish in church. Not that I am trying to offend her, but fake food is not something to look at. :mrgreen:

Oh can’t wait to come out of the church (after praising god) and start an egg hunt, or a they call it: “Easter Hunt!”. Afterwards, my family caught up with Patricia’s friends: Chase, Daniel. There was another person with them, she looked more like a teen (in 16 or 17). She told me she was Korean, hey! I got a haircut from a Korean shop. She also told me she was 22 years old. Which shocked me, I was her height dude. You expect me to believe that? Well, I believed it, hehehehe!

When we got out of the church, we took some pictures of ourselves. Then my best friend and his family showed up. Which was a big surprise. We let them be in one of our pictures, sometimes they accidentally closed their eyes, wasn’t looking at the camera and all the rest that doesn’t include good pictures. Right now, Daniel (the one who is being held by the shoulder by the right.) is trying to be funny. Which he always tries to do.
I am not going to egg hunt this year. My mom forced me to go egg hunting and just when I was about to come hunting, my dad was already judging who got the most eggs. So I knew I was not going to egg hunt. My mom took me under her ring and gave me some candy that was leftover. Though, I still have some of my candy in the kitchen at this very moment. Try to steal my candy now, if you can move here. I would really like a challenge.

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2 comments on “Easter Time!

  1. Asop says:

    In that last photo, are they your family? Wow…. 😀

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