Stone Mountain Park

April 3, 2010
Well, I could say yesterday something exciting happened, but this time I am going to refer to today (act like we are in April 3, 2010).

Today, it was a Saturday, a warm, brisk Saturday. I had never expected such warm air on Saturday mornings. All that warm air, going through my very soul, soothed the best out of me. I wish every Saturday morning would be warm and brisk. We didn’t get to stay home, we had to get ready to go to Stone Mountain Park. I was so excited, I love to go to Stone Mountain Park. Because, I like the 4-D movie “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”, the Miniature Golf, Sky Hike and Summit Skyride.

I am going to start out with the Miniature Golf. It was really cool, feeling like you were actually golfing. We got into the Golf course quicker then expected. Since we came in time for the Golf course, we caught up with some Asian golfers. Most of them really weren’t taking golfing seriously. They just wanted to have fun. Which was okay for me. One of them was cheating, they used their putters to stop and push the ball if it went into the wrong direction. Though, that didn’t help them at all. They didn’t care if they got a bad score, like I said, they just wanted to have fun. The boy team in my family was about to win, until my older sister Patricia got the big shot! She got the girl team the biggest points. So, therefore, the boys lost to the girls. That’s just so wrong! :mrgreen: Though we, the guys, should not be taken for granted.

I used to fear Summit Skyride, because every time we go up the cable, there’s always a bump. It shakes the entire machine, so I am always having a thought that one day that machine is going to fall. Now, I needed to face the fears I had 3 years ago. Luckily, today there was a perfect slide in the cable. We stayed on Stone Mountain for awhile, then it was time for us to get off the mountain. I wanted to walk of the mountain instead of using the Summit Skyride, my dad agreed taking me for the walk. My sister Patricia tagged along with us. She thought the walk was going to be easy (since this was our first time), but she was wrong big time! It took us 21 minutes to walk down the mountain. To us, it felt like an hour. I asked if we could have a couple stops, but we needed to get in time for the Laser Show. After we got off the mountain, we were in the middle of nowhere. We were off Stone Mountain territory. I found out there were the train tracks from the one we rode on (before we got on Stone Mountain). I was so relieved when I noticed we weren’t off Stone Mountain territory.

It took us 32 minutes to walk back to the Stone Mountain attractions. But, my mom caught up with us and helped us walk to the Laser Show. Now the reason it took us awhile to walk, was that my dad and I had to carry a 45 pound cooler for the show. On the other hand my sister Patricia carried a 4 pound bag which totally ticked me off.

We got to the Laser Show just in time, the advertisements were amazing. Not to mention the actual show, they had a bunch of songs including: Georgia’s on my mind. Hahahaha!

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