Today Is My Day To Relax

April 1, 2010-April 2, 2010
Well, you’re expecting a good post from me. So, I’ll give you a great post! Today I woke up happily, knowing it was April Fools. My brothers and sisters know I like April Fools, but they still had no clue why I was so energetic. I don’t care if they had no clue why I was happy, all that matters right now that I get all my school done and then I relax for the whole day.

Then it just hit me, I remembered I had to do school today. Ah man, all that energy just went to waste! Now I understand why my brothers and sisters weren’t to thrilled about April Fools. Okay, I can do this, it’s no big deal. It’s just like everyday, I have to do school and then I am finished for the week with school. The good thing is I had fewer assessments today, so that means I didn’t have to do so much work on school. I checked over my whole plan for today, just to make sure I had no bad news. Luckily, God let me through with school (meaning I didn’t have any bad news ahead of me). I only had to do Social Studies, Science, Math, Vocabulary, Literature and Spelling. For me, that’s simple. If I had not completed my Semester assessment yesterday, I would have had a tiring time today. I finished half way through school around 11:32 am, which already gave me the idea I was going to finish quickly.

Then, I just remembered I had an illuminate with my class teacher Ms. Riley around 11:00 am. I immediately jumped on the computer and tried to go as fast as I could so I wasn’t totally late. When I finally got into the classroom I noticed our class was talking about vertebrates and invertebrates. I immediately knew it was Science we were studying on today. So, luckily I made in time for Science. My friend Connor was at the classroom, that gave me the idea to call him. We talked for 30 minutes, made up a few jokes and then went back to school.
Ah yeah! I finished my school around 2:30 pm today. I was about to relax, grab one of my new game magazines and have some Vanilla ice cream. But, then I realized I forgot something. I forgot about my clubhouse, I usually go there everyday to check things. Though today, I was late. Man, I need to write down a list of things I do everyday.
Though, today didn’t end up so well. I got into big fights with my so-called friends and I was completely knocked out for the day.
Right now it’s morning, so I don’t know what to write about that’s exciting.

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3 comments on “Today Is My Day To Relax

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  2. yebyhoakz says:

    Weird advertisement

  3. SurfinGuy70 says:

    I know you and your friends are memebers on this site Erica…

    Andrew: Shut up and stop coming to my site. And no, I am not on Erica. Just shut up and leave. 😦

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