CRCT (Difficult Subject Study)

April 29, 2010
My days seem to keep getting better and better. I passed Math, Reading and language arts without having to be nervous. I am not sure if I passed all the subjects. But I am pretty sure I passed Reading and language arts. Well, Math I am little worried about. But besides that, I think I did great on my CRCT. Now, I didn’t complete all the subjects and the whole class for that matter. My brother finished all the classes he needed to take. Really?! All my brother had to do was Reading, language arts and Math? Wow? I wish I was in my brother’s shoes right now! Today the whole entire school had to study Science. I was relaxed when I heard that Science was next, especially my friend Connor. Connor was the first person I ever met in my school. We met at a Writing Test a month ago. We decided to be friends, because we barely knew anybody else in our school. Connor, is basically a guy that enjoys Science. Connor said this day was his wish day. Bradley is another friend of mine who didn’t seem excited about Science. I wasn’t excited at all at first. But I kept getting thoughts that I would fail the test. I don’t pay attention to my thoughts all the time. Nayyir is another friend of mine that sounded cool about it (he’s the Muslim I was talking about in this post) Nayyir, to me is the second funniest person in the world. Because every time our teacher (Ms. Hunter-White) calls for Nayyir’s name he says something like this: I like CHEESE! I am proud of my name and so on. Nayyir usually comes up with the good jokes during class.

Let me share a tip with you. My CRCT testing site is at the University of Phoenix. Isn’t that cool? I see even the place in commercials. Will I become famous on commercial or something like that. Right now, I don’t care about popularity (in the super famous way). Before the test started, Connor, Nayyir, Bradley, Elijah and I were wandering around the apartments. It was so cool. We got to see big empty offices. Until, a school council kicked us out of there. The school council also didn’t allow us to go near the hall. That is so mean! It is just the hall way. Our parents can see us from there. Well, we decided to do something fun like shadow fight. Huh? That sounds childish. Well, not really, it was funny actually. Connor won because he kicked our things. Weird?

When our class was called, immediately hundreds of people got out of the room. Now, I am no expert, but I think a girl was trying to flirt with me over the room. I am 10, I am not supposed to flirt with people. I bet the other girl’s parent wouldn’t allow her to flirt. There was also another girl called Caroline, reminds me of the movie Caroline. Caroline is the girl that always sits with Osama. Me and Nayyir are suspecting they both like each other. If they both like each other, it would just remind me I like a girl in my class. I can’t give you her name because I think it would be impolite. You can ask me for her name, probably I will give you her name, probably not. Now, when we got into our class for Science, I thought it would be pretty easy and quick. Because if it wasn’t easy and quick I would’ve brought my Percy Jackson book for nothing. I really like reading Percy Jackson like I explained in my other post. Once I started Science it was really difficult. First section was unbeatable to me.

I hope I passed the test, because I tried my best.

Supplement Activities + Technology Is My Thing

April 27, 2010

Reading Percy Jackson
I’ve gotta say “Percy Jackson is the best book you can read!”. Well, that’s in my opinion. Still, I think everybody who is not into the fact that reading a book about fake Gods is a bad thing should read this book. The main idea of the story is about a guy called Percy Jackson who is known to have the name “the son of the sea God”. As you can see on the cover, it says recommended for “teen”. I am pre-teen and I am reading the book. Once you start reading the book, you feel like something interesting is going to happen. Because they start with an interesting introduction. I haven’t read the whole book, but I know so far it is going great. I wonder how the author (Rick Riordan) concluded the story. Hmm… I can give you a tip. If you are an 8 year old that is fund with reading, then I think this would be the best book for you. But, if you may not know the words sexist, remarkable, wadded and so on this book would sound gibberish to you. If you are used to reading only 100 page books this book will not be suitable for you. If I am correct the book has 375 pages. The reason I am reading this book is because I am used to reading long books and I am an A student in Vocabulary. So, I know a lot of words. I also have known how to spell super cali fragilistic expialidocious. No joke, that’s the longest word in 7th grade spelling. I put spaces between the words so you would understand the word much better.

I honestly, want to be like Percy Jackson, except for the part when he constantly gets expelled from schools. My mom would not like that.

Playing Guitar (acoustic)
I am only 10 years old, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do wonderful things. Guitar is one of the things I love to do. Once I see a guitar I already feel like I am playing with it. But, when I am actually playing guitar, I feel like I am in “Rock Heaven”. I started getting interested into guitar when I was 9. Then I started actually playing guitar around 10. Right now, I know more individual notes then chords. I started learning chords 6 weeks ago. The current chords I am learning are Chord C, Chord G, Chord D, Chord EM, Chord AM and Chord DM. That may sound a lot to you, but trust me I can only play a few songs with those chords. The song my guitar teacher could find for me in an hour was a song called “Good Riddance” from Green Day. Thank God it was from Green Day, or else I would have to stumble across a few other old classic songs. I searched the song on YouTube, I found it and Green Day only plays the song in acoustic form. What?! No electric guitar? Come on, Green Day was the second form of hard rock. They even played their latest songs in electric guitar form. The good thing was I actually got to learn how to play one song. To me, guitar sounds like the number 1 piece of music in the world. “The Beatles” “Dead Kennedys” “Metallica” “Judas Priest” “Five Finger Death Punch” “Three Days of Grace” “Linkin Park” and “Killswitch Engage” plays electric guitar.

So, you get the point? I play guitar… not a big thing.

Food!! (Chicken Noodle Soup)
OOOH! Looks so good. MMM! I CAN’T WAIT TI’LL I PUT MY FINGERS IN TO THAT! ~slurp~ ~mm~. Nothing really to say, I just really like this soup.

April 28, 2010

The Telephone
I don’t really use so much, I use it about 7 times a week. Now, I know that most girls have the tendency to text and all that. But we got a special person here. Her name is Sammy. To me, she sounds like the coolest person I would meet in Ohio. But in Georgia, she would be third. Right now I am trying to give Sammy more comments from Indonesian people. Because Sammy has been such a good help. Now, to get to the main point. I heard that Sammy does not like girly kind of stuff, I don’t like it either, but you would only expect a gay man to be interested in glitter, unless he would get paid a fortune for those. I pray to God that I don’t use the telephone much, because I always have a feeling I am soon going to waste the minutes I have with the telephone. If Sammy doesn’t like MOST girly stuff, I am assuming she doesn’t like using her phone a lot. Like most girls would. If I had my own cellphone, I would be allover it for 4 days then start to act cool having one. God is the only one besides my family I can count on to get through troubles.

My Hair looks nice Eh?

The Computer
OOH! I go on the computer everyday to get to my blog. Everybody in my family (except Patricia) loves to go on the internet. My dad uses it for important stuff, my brother uses it to play around with, my sister (Annabelle) uses it for Jump start and I use it for my blog. I would compare computer to every game system and vote for computer, except when it comes to PSP, I vote for it.

The Radio?
Hmm… I don’t know what I do with the radio often. It sounds like a device I use only temporarily. I like to listen to rock, hip-hop, rap, sometimes metal and classical rock. I don’t know why I even mentioned the radio. :S

I’m Back, Miss Me Eh?

April 26, 2010
Yeah, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to post around the weekdays. Because yet again I have a CRCT to handle. I passed the first day of the CRCT. Though, I didn’t get my results. I’ll probably get my results around the Summer or something. I didn’t get into that serious stuff. My dad is supposed to handle that. Now, to get things written down about today. I woke up around 1 in the morning. What is wrong with me? I am 10 years old and I am waking up like a grownup. Probably I will have to be red eyes again. Now to get down to business. I don’t have anything against Brown_Person, it’s just that it sounds wrong to say you dislike me and then start commenting 4 times. It just doesn’t make sense. Also Brown_Person put a post about how bad I talked to Willow. I just apologized to the girl. What else do you want from me. Oh I pray to God that Willow actually forgives me. I don’t want him to take my comments of spam. Just a forgiving favor!

Now, my family and I woke up around 6 in the morning. So, I wasn’t feeling so energetic. My dad and mom told me to get brushed, washed, and get some nice clothes on. Dude, it’s only a school. You don’t have to look good. Anyways, I finished earlier than expected. After everybody was ready to go, I got word we were going to drop my mom at work. Yeah! I get to see where she works. Though, it took 27 minutes to get there. To me, it felt like driving for an hour. After we dropped her off, we went to the testing site. The place looked so big. Once we got into the building I was nervous. Most people were staring at us. I barely knew most people in my school. So, it was just like walking into a different school. We had to wait more than expected. My dad was confused, we were supposed to get started in 15 minutes. I really didn’t get the whole system. Though, I noticed some of my friends Shelby, and Connor. I didn’t get at first my friend Connor was there, because he had a total different look. The school manager of k12 informed my dad that our school was the biggest public school in Georgia. What?! You serious?

We finally got to the classes, except we went through colors. First grade was green, second grade I forgot, third grade was yellow, fourth grade was pink and fifth grade was red. My favorite color is actually on my grade. Today we were studying on Reading, so we had 70 minutes to do 25 questions then take a bathroom brake and then we take another 70 minutes to finish the rest of the questions. I think I did really good, except when I had to read about the Declaration of Independence. So, we passed, I made friends. But not to be offensive, I made friends with a Muslim. I don’t care if he is a Muslim, I am friends with everybody.

That is pretty much all that happened on the CRCT. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂


Tomorrow is my upcoming CRCT. Sadly, I won’t be able to post Monday through Friday. See ya. 😦

Hmm… Can’t Decide

April 23, 2010
Ok, I know I have already mentioned a post about yesterday, but there was one thing I forgot to mention. Last night, my friend Alex came over to my house to Yu-Gi-Oh duel me. He beat me three times in a row (because he is the master). I kind of got tired of playing, but Alex was ready to beat me again. Just when we were about to duel, my mom called us for “Quiet Time”. I think you have heard of that expression. But in the way we do it is totally different. Quiet time is basically when we have to be quiet and read the bible. To my friend Savino, it wasn’t important. How can you say that God is not important? Like REALLY? Oh, I gotta get that out of my mind. After quiet time was over, me and Alex started a fight about the “Big Bang”. Alex and I got into chemistry and chronological answers. Still Alex wasn’t convinced. But if you were there. You would think I would be making complete sense. Then we started getting into the “Paranormal situation”. Which I had only few evidence about paranormal. So, just when we were about to end our speech, my mom came in and explained the whole thing. Alex, not convinced.

April 24, 2010
Nothing really exciting happened in the morning, it was just me and my friend Savino trying to figure out how to login Savino’s e-mail address. It took us eventually 3 hours, and we still didn’t get through. So, we went to bed and along the way Savino was giving me an attitude. Saying “I don’t really get what I want”. Now, I am okay that he is doing that once or twice, but when he constantly does that, he gets on my nerves. So, after I was showing myself the wimpy kid, Savino asked to have one too. I said no, because I didn’t want to spoil him, then guess what he called me? “Meanie!”. I officially got pissed off after that. 7 minutes later, he asked me if he could do it again. I said “Let me see, will you stop yapping about what you don’t get?”. Okay, I don’t think I should have said that. But I really wanted to. When he heard what I said, he said I am leaving. What kind of guy does this. Once he hears something he dislikes he just makes it final. I was pretty happy he left. When I went upstairs in my room, I saw him looking for stuff and leaving my room a mess. Now, I was really pissed off. When my sister came in my room, the next 3 seconds she said this, “Andrew, you get frustrated too easily”. WTF?! My own sister is not supposed to talk to me like that. Then Savino said, “she’s right Andrew”. What the heck is wrong with my sister. I told her I would tell mom when she got back home. But it looked like she really didn’t care.

An hour later, mom came and I immediately came to her to tell about the misfortune my sister caused. Didn’t do anything at first, which gave me big questions. Then, mom used the guilty talk, to make my sister feel guilty. My sister eventually got sad and apologized. I forgave you, but for some reason I was still sad. My mom explained the whole problem to me, then I felt better. I decided to go give Simon and Savino some Cinnamon rolls. They didn’t answer. So I just ate the rest. Hehehe, greedy me!

All that I did in the afternoon was cook and play Guitar Hero. I did a pretty spankin’ good job. I cut a whole 4 pounds of carrots into small 2 ounce slices. I was so happy that I knew I could cook. Now, Guitar Hero didn’t end so well. I constantly yelled at my brother for losing (failing) on Guitar Hero. He got sad and eventually turned the system to Mario Kart. That’s pretty much all that I can remember from today. 🙂

Such An Awesome Day

April 23, 2010
Nice… I got 5,000 views, I got 159 views today, I got 20 new comments. How better could this day be? I wish I could break even with Sammy (because she got about 300 views). I am jealous sorry, Sammy is too good. I wish my day could get better through internet. Though, my day was great. I was successful through school. I had the elluminates and I passed them. I also passed the school. The 8:00 in the morning elluminate was really easy, all we had to study on was Algebra (Which I am really good at). The 10:00 in the morning elluminate was really good. We were studying Reading and so on. I didn’t get to read on the last elluminate. That sucks… especially when we were actually studying reading. Soon the CRCT is coming, it starts on Monday and then it goes on ti’ll Thursday. I passed Science today and also Social Studies. Next Monday I’ll probably do the Unit Assessment, if not I’ll do it around the Summer. I am having good thoughts about passing Social Studies, Science, Reading and Language Arts. But I am still a little edgy with geometry on Math. I can’t believe my whole class likes Math. Are they one of the people that master Math? I have a lot on my mind after this misfortune. Also what really ticked me off I was the only one out of 63 people that liked Language Arts.

Sometimes you are not identical with people. Sometimes you are identical with other people, but not all the time. I really expected most people to actually be comfortable around me. Well, today a bunch of my friends were hanging out. Like usual, we went to Alicia’s house. I don’t why I like visiting Alicia’s house. She just sounds entertaining, and so is her backyard. Savino eventually came along with us to hangout. We talked about the most impossible outcomes like the end of the Earth. I wasn’t too thrilled Simon was coming, he’s one of my good friends, it’s just that he can’t usually come out. Which really sucks. If he came out a year ago, I would go crazy. But now I am used to Simon. Alicia’s mother’s boyfriend saw me and one of my other friends in their tree. I was at the top. I think the guy was pretty ticked off I was on the top of the tree. So when we went down the tree, the guy said “go back up!”. My friend and I knew he was going shoot us with an air soft gun. This air soft had metal bullets (bb’s). So, if I was shot, the thing would go through my skin. So, we planned to go up the tree and escape. The guy asked Alicia to go get the gun, WTF?! He really was trying to get us killed. When Alicia had problems getting the gun, the guy went to help her. So, me and Nickolaus used our chance and ran. We successfully got out of the way.

Savino, is a guy you would want information from. I just take him as a friend because we been through a lot together. I was really happy Savino was going to hang out. Sorry, I am saying hang out a lot because I am almost in middle school. So, we don’t say play. If you thought I was thinking people who say play is babyish, then you are on the wrong track. First off, Savino and the rest of my friends agree with me on this. I am not trying to be ignorant. I am saying what I actually mean. I also forgot to mention, Savino asked to come over for a sleepover. After that, Simon asked for a sleepover. Then Nickolaus asked. Savino was able to come, but it took 2 hours to get an answer from Simon. After that, I called Simon if he could sleepover, guess what he said over the phone “NO”. His dad didn’t let him for some reason. Well, that’s not going to put me down. Nickolaus asked if he could sleepover. I like the guy, but he does crazy things around the night. Right now Savino is waiting to get his stuff. Maybe, my friend Alex will come over. Before, he used to sleepover every weekend. But now, he moved away so we barely see each other. I saw him today, we shook hands and then we challenged each other to Guitar Hero 3. I constantly won over every song he challenged me on. Before, Alex was the expert. I really thought Alex was playing dump for awhile. Not to be offensive.

Hehehehe hoped you enjoyed… :mrgreen:


Yah! I got 5,000 views. I am so happy. I will be having several guest coming and for the people who haven’t got invitations I will send them the invitations.