Check This Video Out!

Do you believe in theology and God? Have you heard of Samir Selmanovic? Well Samir’s daughters used his Youtube account to make a video that expresses his book “It’s All About God”


73 comments on “Check This Video Out!

  1. Andrew says:

    Okay, I have removed you. You happy?

  2. Asop says:

    explain the problem here, please… 😀 u should give a reason for the kitty 2 be deleted by you.. :mrgreen:

  3. Gil says:

    Well Andrew Kitty said you asked for their phone number… go to their blog see for yourself

  4. Gil says:

    Wow Andrew really? You actually did? DON’T DO THAT MAN! You can’t ask people for thier numbers, they get creeped out plus it’s basic internet safety

  5. Maybe YOU should not be notising it either andrew! How do I know you are just a ten year old?

    • Andrew says:

      I AM! God I wasn’t lying. Why would I put on my header “the world through the eyes of a ten year old?”. You think I am that stupid to waste my time on that.

      • sasammygirl says:

        Andrew, stop this. You’re acting immature, Kitty has no way of knowing if you’re lying about your age or not. You can’t get mad at people for wanting to be safe. Even if you meant no harm to him.

        You are adding to a quarrel which cannot be fixed easily, Andrew. People are already starting to push you out for actions. I suggest you don’t add more wood to the fire and just let it die down to its last spark and be extinguished. It takes two (or more in some cases) to fight.

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah thanks, I was acting immature, I just got out of hand when Kitty made Gil delete me from Neopetsvalley. I won’t do anything, but Kitty’s comments are going to be on spam. Because 1. he advertises on my blog even though I tell him to stop. 2. He went out of control, we were going to keep it secret. 3. If I did call him he would know if I was really ten (which I am). Kitty got out of control at first then I did. I am still trying to solve the whole lying about me thing.

        How stupid does he think I am for putting an about page that clearly says I am ten. He should have thought first before assuming I am not 10.

      • Asop says:

        Ouw… i understand now… 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        Good, because Kitty is my friend again. 🙂

      • Gil says:

        NeopetsValley is dead, Andrew. I really don’t use it anymore. Have not been there for days. FarmVilleValley is where I blog now. My intrests have changed. Anyways, I suppose I could un-spam you at FVV but that goes agaisnt what I belive in – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This whole thing has gone completly out of control. Kitty, Andrew, both of you go right now and delete all the posts and comments related to this problem. NOW

      • Andrew says:

        Um, Gil. how can I put it this way? Oh yeah, it’s already over. The fight has been canceled. Kitty and I forgave each other. If the fight was still going on, I would delete all the comments and posts that were related to the fight. But it’s all over. 🙂

      • Asop says:

        Good, you two make peace already… 🙂 ^_^ I’m glad to hear that.

        Hahaha, yeah, I’m using bahasa Indonesia on my blog. Maybe someday I shall write in english… 😀 But, I think I have 2 or 3 posts that using english, about video game and about my conversation experience with japanese men. :mrgreen:

        You should check on this:

        Bahasa is not a city, Andrew. I was born in Surabaya, and then now I live in Bandung. Just search that cities in google or wikipedia, they should be there. 😀

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah, I feel relieved, that the fight is over. It caused a lot of views too.
        Well, I wasn’t telling you to write in English, Indonesian is a way better language than English. 😀
        I wasn’t referring to the Bahasa state in Indonesian, I was mainly talking about your language. Heihei.
        I have heard of Bandung but not Surabaya. 🙂

      • Asop says:

        Hahaha… but i feel like i want 2 write some posts in english. You know, the more I’m using english, the more fluent I am. 😀
        Hmmm… just search that cities if u want… :mrgreen:

      • Andrew says:

        Cool dude, I will check the site. 🙂

      • vshhncmzhh says:

        b72W4z wvusdkqjlctr, [url=]eugcvibhrtyr[/url], [link=]mamhgkwakkem[/link],

      • Andrew says:

        s;sadf;lfjnv;vn yeah I am not stupid!

    • willowbatel says:

      Omg obviously he’s ten years old. What ADULT do you know who talks this way? I understand your concern though.
      Andrew, asking for numbers online is almost always something you don’t want to do. Even if you want to “get to know the person better” asking for numbers leads to these kinds of problems. And posting numbers online is DEFINITELY something that is bad. If you are going to exchange numbers always do it over email. Anything you put up for public display is PUBLIC and WILL be seen by others, even if you delete it.

      • Andrew says:

        Thank you for your concern Willow, but I was referring me and Kitty go to the chat page (password protected) and I will tell him my phone number and he will delete my comment.

        Anyways , this fight was already over. We don’t want to start again neither do I.

      • willowbatel says:

        Is your dad ok with you giving out your number? I strongly disagree with the idea of giving out phone numbers over the internet so if you don’t have your parents permission then I strongly suggest you don’t.

      • Andrew says:

        Now I think you are getting to something, thanks for the information. I’ll use it in the future when I get into these kind of fights again.

  6. Asop says:

    Wow wow… wait… i really don’t understand… 😦

  7. rose says:

    Andrew, be patient with this problem, finish with a head cold, And I just want to be your friend not being a spammer, u knew that… 🙂
    keep up on blogging, andrew, take ur time… enjoy ur life… cool down, friend.. ^^

  8. You can delete all you want but if you want to be undeleted all you need to doo is ask in a polite way and always remember our rules! Everybody makes mistakes! 🙂
    p.s. I forgive you now.

  9. birddog202 says:

    Andrew don’t worry I will try to fix things

  10. Abu Ghalib says:

    hi, andrew
    how r u?
    i just wanna tell you that today is my son birthday
    visit my blog and say “happy birthday” to Ghalib, my son


  11. Why does this say I posted it? I

  12. PiplupU says:

    Oooh. I was reading the comments and they were very interesting!

  13. sasammygirl says:

    Happy birthday to him.

  14. sasammygirl says:

    Why don’t you make a new post, instead of just modifing this one so much?

  15. Asop says:

    Haha, g’morning for u, Andrew! 🙂
    It’s still night here in Indonesia. 😀

    Well, of course i believe in God… I have religion, and I have faith to bring on until my death.

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