“Magic Soup” The Hunters (Part 5)

Something bad is happening to Rukimaya, you know what it is. That’s right, the agents are close. They’re gaining ground and Rukimaya knows it. Rukimaya was very scared, he wanted to contact Ghayuesi right away. But, as you know, Rukimaya was trained for 8 years. He is thinking to take care of it himself, engage in it like in 24. The agents just lost track of Rukimaya’s signal in the house. They were in Rukimaya’s front yard, but couldn’t detect him anywhere. They were scared and having regrets coming here.
Everybody is nervous, everybody is waiting. Bored, bored, bored and out of nowhere, Rukimaya shoots the first and second agent. Everybody is an shock, shooting everywhere with no clue what to do. Well, the girls know what to do. As soon as Rukimaya takes down the heavy metal, they shoot him. He is bleeding, yelling, angry and out of his mind. “Do you mind if I shoot you?”, one agent says. “Why? Do you want to get hurt?” Rukimaya says in reply. Now, even though this was a crisis, Rukimaya still knew how to use logic in a battle. He enraged most of the agents and then shot them.

All of the sudden, a monster came out of nowhere. It was so freaky! It was devouring everything. It even grabbed Rukimaya and ate him. But Rukimaya was not dead yet, he had a gun. He blew the monster wide open, with all of its guts bursting out.

After the battle, Rukimaya was settled. Until he heard another monster. He couldn’t see it. He thought it was underground. But boy, he was wrong! It was on the other side of his house. It destroyed Rukimaya’s house in half. It was like a sea and preying mantis monster. Rukimaya was actually going to use a reloaded weapon to take down the monster. In the mean time, he escaped the monster, bleeding.

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“Magic Soup” The Hunters (Part 4)

Remember last time, Rukimaya told the president to his face what he felt about slavery?

Yeah, that means war between the president and Rukimaya. The president had a thought. He knew he will have to waste his wish either on destroying the Americans or on Rukimaya. He had a well thought plan, “I’m going to hunt Rukimaya down with my special 1200 Gigro Agents”. They were the best agents in Japan. Rukimaya has survived the second best agents in Japan with mind, stealth, bravery and pride. Rukimaya was taught by a teacher called Ghayuesi. Ghayuesi showed Rukimaya how to use weapons and computers. He trained him for 8 years. Ghayuesi was against slavery too, he’s even said that to the president. That, obviously, shut Ghayuesi’s business down.

Ghayuesi was about 43 years old, yet he still knew how to be young. He knew how to connect with people. By the way, I haven’t shown you Rukimaya’s image and you’ve probably been waiting for the image to come up. Let me tell you. It’s going to come in Part 6! If you can wait, great.

Now, the president has been cold-hearted lately. He’s been giving his slaves more and more hard work. Even the American children had to be working in Vault 213. That is a fatal working area. It is in a forgotten submarine, in the ocean. Americans were bullying Rukimaya and Rukimaya didn’t know why. He just told the president why slavery is bad. But the president was growing a darkness inside of him. By darkness, I am not saying he is becoming mean. I mean he is becoming inhuman.

Now, the agents were sent by the president to catch Rukimaya at once. They felt confident. The president told his agents to get the finest weapons and then take Rukimaya down. The president’s agents were confused, “He’s just a kid, what can he do to stop us?”. They had no idea how skilled Rukimaya was. Rukimaya could guess how many rivals are coming for him and take them down.

Most of the agents were girls (awkward!?!). How did they end up as the best agents? Don’t ask me, it’s a long story. So they were coming after Rukimaya with heavy armor and weapons. It was snowing that day, so this made it very hard for their heavy armor to move. Some agents were left behind, with their bodies buried in the snow.

O.M.G It’s Snowing The Third Time! In Atlanta!

Oh my, I wasn’t expecting this to show-up. Snowing in Atlanta, for the third time! I just woke up, brushed my teeth and washed my face with cold water. But out of nowhere I looked out the window and it’s snowing like crazy!!!

I am so excited to get outside and throw all that snow on my face. 🙂