“Magic Soup”- Races? (Part 3)

Rukimaya was still very angry from the hard blow the president gave him. He wasn’t in the mood for dad’s excuses or moms for that matter. His dad tried to convince him to snap out of it and get back to normal. He didn’t do anything at all, he just started mumbling. All of the teachers in Rukimaya’s school were disappointed for Rukimaya’s sadness. They wanted to give the president a piece of their mind. They tried to convince the president for 3 days to apologize. This made him very angry. He accepted but he told himself “there will be a war at stake”. The teachers knew that he was going to still bully Rukimaya, so they told him they were going with him to make sure things are going okay. Even though it was way in the future, the 80’s hair style was their favorite style. You can’t disagree with that.

Now were was I? Oh yes, I was about to describe how the president was created. That picture below is his DNA, pretty cool or pretty weird. 😉

Now let’s see if Rukimaya got the kicking of his life or not. Well, eventually the president found Rukimaya laying down on a worktable drinking Bud Lite. I have seen lots of Bud Lite commercials, you’ll love them when you see them! He only drinks it when he is desperate, (meaning his parents don’t care what he drinks).

His teachers gave him a slap on the back. But that just made him moan deeply. The president threw a nightstand on Rukimaya’s head, that made him yell out, “Kashikaya!” That made the president furious, when Rukimaya was about to tell the president to get out. The president interrupted and said Rukimaya’s skin color is foul, distasteful, evil and degrading. This made Rukimaya’s teachers yell at the president about about his skin color. Although, the president kept his foul mouth going, he said his father’s skin color was like a reindeer, cold and bitter. The president said his mother was like a hopping rabbit that was always trying to look for excuses.

This made Rukimaya unspeakable, angry, sad and cold hearted. Rukimaya finally told the president what he felt about slavery. Then it came to a complete silence … nobody spoke. But everybody was angry, especially Rukimaya’s fish Trongo.

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20 comments on ““Magic Soup”- Races? (Part 3)

  1. PiplupU says:

    Nice story. Can’t wait for the next part! By the way, call your local GameStop and ask them if they’ll have that event. You said something about a mystery box, Jirachi won’t come in that.

  2. demoffy says:

    you have Fb? Add me 🙂

    life is full of color .. I mean, the expression of this life stuff …
    so we must understand the difference from others …

    It may be that I get when I read your article…

    wish weluck friend…

  3. birddog202 says:

    Hey Andrew what do you mean by I am the boss -_-

  4. birddog202 says:

    lol ooooh srry bout that

  5. andrew, you know we both want the code, me cause i want it for my friends bday, you cause you realy want it, but i doubt either of us our gonna win. do you have ideas on how we could beat cpangel?

  6. birddog202 says:

    Hey Andrew the orange puffle is released

  7. birddog202 says:

    Lol i thought you were a member thats why i told u

  8. ajikinai says:

    Hai, my lovely brotha,,, how are you..?
    Wow, it’s finally part 3. haha You have gone so fast with your blog.
    I’m so sorry because I can’t get online for along time…
    Now i can…

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