“Magic Soup” (Part 2) President vs. Rukimaya

The president of Japan grew really selfish. He didn’t care about anything but himself, his daughter and his wife. His face was old and poisoned. He was soon about to die in a rare case of sickness, but he didn’t want to die yet. He wanted to destroy all of the Americans. (Of course the plan was cruel but what do we have against him? A lot of things I guess.) The president had an infection also from the dislocated nose the doctors put on. It started giving him fever, flu and bad luck. He really messed up this time.

Now like I was saying, the president of Japan was looking for the “Magic Soup” for over 12 years and he has found nothing at all. You still remember Rukimaya, he wanted to end slavery. He couldn’t, he was a kid. But he believed his heart will show him the way.

Rukimaya’s father was the president’s most trusted companion. His father kept Rukimaya from saying he disliked slavery in front of the president. But Rukimaya kept refusing, so it was very hard for his dad to keep the slavery issue a secret.

Rukimaya was turning 16 years old and his dad wanted to invite the president but he didn’t want to have any problems with Rukimaya disagreeing on slavery. Rukimaya fell in love with the president’s daughter when he was 15 years old, which was a big problem. They had everything in common, especially disagreeing on slavery. The president’s daughter loved him too. Her name was Kashikaya. The president knew all about this, but he was furious with his daughter for loving a person of this type. The president sometimes wished Rukimaya was never born. Well, Rukimaya felt angry. He wanted to say what he felt about slavery. Man, I don’t know how angry he was! Let’s hope he doesn’t throw a chair or do any of that crazy stuff.

The next day his dad invited the president and his daughter to a party. Rukimaya was ready to say what he needed to say. He fell in love all over again with Kashikaya. They both were having a great time. They held each other’s hand while his dad, his mom and the president were talking and drinking wine. The president’s wife was told to watch Kashikaya but she wanted Rukimaya to marry her. While Rukimaya was talking, Kashikaya wanted him to kiss her. They kissed, but right in the middle of the kiss, the president punched Rukimaya and threw him against the table cursing at him, all the while the president’s wife was trying to stop him. Rukimaya felt angry, but he held it in in front of the president. Kashikaya was yelling at her father. While she was yelling at her father, Rukimaya was having thoughts similar to the ones expressed in this song.

Are you happy with the new post?? 😉

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35 comments on ““Magic Soup” (Part 2) President vs. Rukimaya

  1. sasammygirl says:

    Haha, yes I’m glad you finally decided to post again. C:

    But on another note, there are a few things you need to work on. Like, you could seperate the narration from the actual story to lessen confusion about which point of view this is supposed to be from.

    BUT I think your writing has defintely improved since your first update. *thumbs up* 🙂


  2. sasammygirl says:

    Oh and (if you like to go for this kinda stuff) you could just put some of the lyrics from the song into the story in italicized words.

    I’ve seen quite a few people do that and it really halps portray the characters emotions a lot better, helps you really feel for the characters (empathy).

  3. cleopatra says:

    I like the pictures in this article 🙂

    Great Story 😉

  4. cleopatra says:

    It’s ok.. you can call me Honest or Cleo, It doesn’t matter for me 😀

  5. sasammygirl says:

    No problem? Like well…some people have a hard time being honest about stuff. I’m just saying its no big thing.

  6. sasammygirl says:

    Not writing about what… President’s Day? I understand you have quite a few friends from India and they more than likely don’t celebrate it.

  7. skaggs101 says:

    Andrew please don’t cheat on my contest I found out

    • Andrew says:

      oh sorry I got a misspell with the email addresses.
      Delete everything except Cleopatra’s comment, I really told her to come. 🙂
      Also don’t delete Sammy’s comment.

  8. cole2003 says:

    Did you draw those pictures??? If you did, that’s really good!

  9. willowbatel says:

    I agree though. You should separate the narration of the story from your opinion on what’s happening. That way the reader can be more involved in the story, and then listen to what you have to say.

  10. I liked it, and your good at descriptions :). I here your going for the coin code at codykinz. good luck except skaggs101 keeps calling me a cheater 😦

  11. why is my comment way up there?

  12. Patricia says:

    Hey big Bro, I am sorry for using your e-mail address.
    Anyways this is really not Andrew, if people are reading this.
    I just wanted to say I like your friend Sasammygirl, also I am going to comment to her once in a while. Bye!

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