Do video games have a bad influence on people?

I know a few things about video games and most of the them are pretty bad. What do I mean?

Most video games are not for children. They are for teens and grownups. I wish I could do something about it, but that’s how the ESRB decided. Why do we have to think about war and death? We shouldn’t be thinking about that one bit. Here’s why video games have bad influences on people. After people start getting used to playing war games they start copying the game like drinking, just because they think it’s cool. Saying bad words and putting life at risk is a wrong thing. There’s a game called Killzone 1 Killzone 2 and so on. In this game people start killing each other and start acting like it’s fine. I feel sad for the people who think this. Like: “Oh my gosh!” Transformers 2 had a lot of war and it was cool! Then why am I thinking bad about video games which are way less violent then Transformers, you might ask. Movies and video games have different perspectives. Movies want to teach you lessons about life or whatever message they try to tell you. Video games are for entertainment only. Some video games are ok and good. However, most games are violent and inappropriate for kids.

Some violent games are against God. People are so into them that they don’t realize they are disrespectful. I am not saying that all people who are not like me are against God. I played some war and violent games. I don’t like them anymore. I used to like Halo, it was my favorite game when I was 7 year’s old. I used to beat half of the Halo games and still would beat it again and again. I liked the game but I was not addicted to it. I just wish they could create something better than killing aliens.

Do you agree with me on war?

Do you play Killzone?

Do you play Halo?

Do you believe in war?

Do you dislike war?


29 comments on “Do video games have a bad influence on people?

  1. handikas says:

    I realized that in my country some children experience the same thing. yeah most video games are not suitable for children.

  2. sasammygirl says:

    War IS difficult, it puts a lot of people through oceans of pain and hurt. Some of them inncoent, most likely all of the people who are killed during wars have done no crimes that should have their lives taken away.

    I’ve never played Killzne, it sounds like a mentally-draining game though. Probably very violent.

    Nope, I’ve never played Halo. EVER. I’ve watched other people play it and it doesn’t look like that much fun to me is all.

    I belive in war. We can’t just pretend that it doesn’t exhist, its out there everyday of our lives. Fighting, hurt, and killing will most likely never cease. It saddens me, but our world leaders apparently just can’t solve conflict without pain and death, I wish that our president would be somebody who COULD solve problems withou war, but so far no one has been like that.

    Of course I dislike war. But that doesn’t mean I can stop it, and participating in war may be couragous, but it only brings sadness nothing good can come of it I tell you! Nothing more than sending away our loved ones to fight the fat cats in Parliments battle! Enough with war I say…

    And what becomes of us when our friends and family are dead and theres no one left to send…?


  3. Mike Bennett says:

    Hi Andrew. Thanks for commenting on English class’s blog. I assign essays for them to write, and they post them online. ONe of the important things I’m trying to teach them is that they can develop an audience in the real world, not just the instructors like me who grade their papers.

    By the way, you write very well! Great blog!

  4. I like your article, your article is very interesting for me:) anyway thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

  5. ajikinai says:

    Don’t take it so serious. Some game is just for fun. If you want a real game, you need to try RPG. In the game, there will always lesson about life you can learn. Stop playing war game or action game, or the same others…they’re sucks. The maker also forces us to think and agree about the story of the game, about their mind, agree if they’re right and the enemies are evil, bad, jerk..but actually that’s not true.. what a poor.

  6. birddog202 says:

    I can tell this blog will be popular soon.

  7. sasammygirl says:

    Its true not ALL games are bad. I saw a game at the awards not to long ago and they had a game win an award and the object wasto help flowers grow or something. Maybe the title should be changed to: Do VIOLENT video games have a bad influence on people? xD

  8. loranablog says:

    I never read in the Old or New Testament something about video games.
    What do you mean by “against God”? In the O.T. is full of wars, actually it is the story of Jews, wars against other populations to get back the “holy land” and betrayals against God.

    In the N.T. a lot is written against violence – but, come on, not digital one 😉 If you believe playing war games negatively affects kids, I do not agree with you. Horror, violence, monster: they populate comics and games. I killed tons of digital enemies, I read a lot of violence – but I never killed anyone.

    It is not digital violence making violence, is the education kids get from their parents to make them exporting violence in the real world or not.

    • Andrew says:

      I read the Old Testament and the New Testament and just o tell you, God gave a commandment not to war or play anything may be related to killing people.
      The reason The Jews or other of God’s people wared because God sent them to do it. But why waist time playing war now and then when the most important wars have been taken care of?
      I have heard of O.T. But not N.T. 😉
      Why the heck would you blame parents for the wrong kids even do? Some parents don’t care but my parents do. I play war games too, I just grew out of most of them.

      • loranablog says:

        Well, I do not believe that some wars are better than others because “God” planned them. Or we consider “war” a natural human way to take power on others, or we blame all wars.

        I do not get the concept of “most important wars have been taken care of”.

        Kids ARE their parents as long as kids do not realize parents are not perfect. So, except for psychological/physiological diseases, parents are responsible for the behavior of their kids and for how their kids act in reality.

      • Andrew says:

        Well it is how it is, God created this world, he’s en charge of this world.
        Parents are responsible for their children … But not the boss of their choices. 😉

  9. Ethan Groover says:

    I play Halo 1, 2, and 3 with my friend and love to do it. It can motivate you to do violent things, but usually not. If you’re aware it can motivate you to, and don’t want to be motivated, then I think your fine 🙂

  10. Agree with you. But some games are just for fun. I dislike wars in real life but Age of Empires happens to be my most fav game. It is nice to act like a king and lead your army and invade another kingdom. But I dont quite like the idea of making a child play those violent bloodshed games.

  11. So which one of the recommended methods is the best and easiest?

  12. Fantastic work buddy, keep it up.

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