My perspective about Barrack Obama

We all know that all of our presidents were white skin color: John Adams, George Bush, George Washington and so on. We’ve never had a black president, I am not saying we have to, but at least can we give it a shot? We were trying to find a person who had the guts to be a president. But this time the kids got to pick the next president too. We had lot’s of votes for different grownups and only one grownup succeeded to become a president. His name was Barrack Obama, he was going to be the first black president in the USA.

He seemed like a good president, nice style and not to mention a nice figure. When I saw him I knew there was going to be good things happening around him. Well, I was wrong. People started disliking Barrack Obama and saying bad about him. Even the kids that voted for him (on Nickelodeon) started to regret they voted for Barrack Obama. I still like Barrack Obama (even though I didn’t vote for him) but when I heard most of my friends saying they don’t like Obama then I’m like: “What the heck”.
I think it’s rather stupid to vote for a president and then say I hate the president I voted for. See this is why the grownups pick the president. Not the kids, it’s not healthy for us to vote and say we don’t like what we voted for. It’s kind of like you say you want something, but when you try it you start regretting that you wanted that particular object. At least we picked a black president. Me and my family went to Atlanta town to see Barrack Obama’s inaugural speech, it wasn’t him in person it was him on a screen instead. It was so cold during the speech, everybody’s hands had blue veins that looked like it was going to come out. Some family saw us freezing to death and they were generous enough to let us borrow the blanket for comfort. I felt sorry for that family. They were freezing to death I wish I could do something but I had nothing. So all I could do was say thank you, I felt so thankful. I couldn’t hear Obama’s speech at all, I think the producer’s should have put better sound effects. 🙂

Do you like Barrack Obama?

Do you dislike Barrack Obama?

Do you believe in his speeches?

Do you want to vote him out of the white house?

Do you think what he’s doing is for the best?


43 comments on “My perspective about Barrack Obama

  1. #1 I agree that kids should not vote.
    #2 I don’t care if the president is black or white or yellow or red or blue. I just don’t care.
    #3 I care ONLY that he is fair. Obama isn’t fair – he strongly supports Muslims (not a bad thing) but he isn’t doing anything to save everyone from them. They are BAD PEOPLE, I tell ya!

    (Note: if someone disagrees, that is their choice. My voice doesn’t matter and is to be kept quiet and out of authority. I suggest everyone posts the same)

    • scidrew says:

      #1 Thanks for seeing it my way Amber, kids should make up their mind before they go into serious stuff like voting.
      #2 I only spoke about the skin color so I could put more detail into my speech, I don’t even care if our president is an alien.
      #3 I would only care if a president was generous or fair, But I’ve heard lot’s of complains from lot’s of my friends saying Obama should be elected out of the whit house. I’ve never heard of Obama helping the Muslims, that’s a new thing to me. I kind of agree with you on Obama’s unfair occasion.
      But I like Obama by an average rate and so do my parents.

      Have you checked my other post? If you look on the calender you can see I wrote a post on the 4th.

    • i dont like that you said muslims are bad people! i am not muslim, but that is rude to generalize/stereotype.

      • scidrew says:

        Me either, I think it’s pretty rude to say that Muslims are bad people.

      • Jake says:

        they arent bad people, they just are hypocrites. They bellieve in a false “god” named”allah” who isnt real. I dont mean to be rude about this but it is the truth.

      • Andrew says:

        Muslims aren’t hypocrites? You’re being a hypocrite right now, saying that Muslims believe in a false God. And who are we to judge their beliefs? Anyway, they still believe in the Christian God, it’s just a different way of belief. Educate yourself; Allah is basically God in a different Muslim.

  2. scidrew says:

    Yeah I just realized that you commented. I might not be able to to chit chat because today at around afternoon I have to go to my relatives.

  3. sasammygirl says:

    1) Mr. Obama is great, they have a nice family, and his wife is absolutely lovely.

    2) *skips*

    3) I do believe in some of the things he has said but not all of them, so I’d have to say I’m somewhere in between on that.

    4) No, I think people dislike him just because of his color and background which I think is wrong to the fullest extent. Would they rather have Palin and Mcain in office instead? The people who voted for him, put him in this office…so no reason at all that they should take him out either. I say keep him in office!

    5) I think he’s working towards the bigger picture, so hopefully in time things will get better, Bush did leave quiet a mess for him to clean up.

    I also agree with you about kids voting, they just shouldn’t the immature ones would just ruin it for everybody. I voted in the Nickolodean presidential thing, I voted for Obama. And I have not one time since had regret about it. C: Even though it was only an unofficial kids vote poll.

    • scidrew says:

      I think Obama’s family is great, but I don’t think his wife is lovely.
      I’ve never heard of Obama’s speeches. I just watch how he does on his job.
      Well, your opinion about people disliking Obama is a false fact. If the people disliked Obama just because of his skin color, then that would mean starting a races. I have no idea who is Mcain is. Thanks for agreeing with me Sammy, kids should start thinking before going to serious stuff.

    • Jake says:

      Bush may have left a small mess, but Obama is leaving the mess of a lifetime.

  4. sasammygirl says:

    Uh? Mcain was the guy going up against Obama. Its not false fact a lot of don’t want him in office because he is black and no other reason. People are just racist, its not their fault entirely but its how they were raised.

    The people who didn’t vote for Obama definetly don’t want him there and him being different than they are is only reason to dislike him more. This is true, trust me. My parents don’t like Obama at all. My father was making some very racist remarks about why he won. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. It was just down right rude and terrible. 😡

    • scidrew says:

      Well this information is new to me, I don’t believe that people don’t like him just because of his skin color. It’s just not normal for a human being. I to think it’s rude to think bad about Obama. 😦

  5. sasammygirl says:

    It very normal for human being to judge another for being different than them.

  6. demoffy says:

    I like my self.. 🙂

  7. ajikinai says:

    Hm, I can’t say for sure…because I never saw him in person, I just saw him at TV or Internet… Well, good or not, everyone has different opinion, I just hope he can lead the country better than before.
    Hm, if you want to see the truth,,see it with your heart, not your eyes… Just close your eyes, and see him…believe in your heart…

  8. sasammygirl says:

    *claps* well spoken Ajikinai.

  9. sasammygirl says:

    Aw thanks, that nice of you to say that. C:

  10. Umph says:

    Hey, I love your blog. I agree with you about kids voting. Even grown-ups can be kind of stupid sometimes, never mind kids. And to AmberFireFeather- Muslim is a religion. That’s like saying Christians are bad people (which i do not think at all, just an example). So perhaps you meant al-quidea and the other terrorists? Cause’ thats a huge difference.

    • scidrew says:

      Hey thanks for visiting my blog, also thanks for the agreement. Kids should think before they start going into serious stuff.
      I also disagree with Amber on Muslims, Muslims need a little love and compassion. I’d never compete who’s has a better tribe.
      I think that some Christians do the wrong things. I kind of like both tribes the same. I don’t want to decide who’s better.

  11. ImUmPh says:

    I like Barrack Obama. I think he could make some changes for USA and around the world. Maybe it’s just about the time.

    Huy Andrew! You can find code for offline and online sign at !

  12. PiplupU says:

    Woah. You have pretty cool posts.

  13. loranablog says:

    We like him. We don’t believe him. Anyway, it is not important whay you do, but how you do it.

  14. Ethan Groover says:

    Obama is one of the worst presidents we have ever had. My dad is a doctor. Obama is passing bills making my dad have to work for the government by 2012. He’s also a complete socialist! If you didn’t already know, that means he wants to spread the wealth around. ex: I work for my bread. My neighbor doesn’t work for his. I have 2 loaves of bread. He has none. I have to give him 1 loaf of my bread so he can stay alive without having to work. And that’s completely UNFAIR!!!! My neighbor should have to work to live instead of always being a couch potato!! ( this is my opinion only. I don’t care if you agree or not)

  15. ymkyuanita says:

    ah yeahdont call muslims is bad peoples, terrorist is!!! actually, i dont like islam too, i mean, i’m muslim, but not sufi or sufa or whatever. i’m just muslim, i’m 100% hate islam sufi in america, islam in indonesia is the right kind of islam. wtf islam is one, one sufi no sufo, f*ck!!! anyway, obama? hes great person, but i think i prefer him to be a writer of novels or other….. he said want to help islam, but, he against palestina to be PBB member! i know obama man, he ever lived in indonesia for years with his mom… i know barry (his indonesian name) i know his dad in indonesia… i know he doesnt want to be president! he would get oscar for his politic acting 🙂 but, u right, the next president…. will bring us to the new atlantic war! oms (oh my shit) PEACE just my opinion ❤

    • Andrew says:

      Okay WOW. 😀
      You cuss a lot. Not that I have a problem with it. Just saying.
      And your opinion has been spoken on this post. As so is others. 🙂

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