“The Magic Soup” (Part 1)

There was once a country called Japan … It was very rich, no doubt about it. But we’re not in 2010 now, we’re in 3190. North America is poor. It is no more than a waist land that has the population of 2,142,475. Japan started to get “righteous” and started to take the Americans as slaves to their country. There was only one way to save the Americans: the “Magic Soup” … It may sound like a weird name, but this was a very serious thing to the whole world.

In Japan there was a lot of technology and lots of people were smoking … amazing! The president denied smoking, so whoever was 16 or younger and smoke, they would have to pay a fee to the president. $2,789, to be exact. Now that is a very small price in these times. 😉

The country had lots of strict rules. People under 6 had to do lots of homework. Give me a brake people! Boys and girls over 11 had to work hard. Not just hard, bloody hard …

Come on, give me a brake, at least let the boys do all the work.

The president of Japan became the president of all continents. He controlled everything now. When he was little he had no face, but had wings. He gained enough money to buy himself a face … evil !!! But he couldn’t put on his nose properly, so he had to wear a patch on his nose. He swore he would take revenge on the whole world since he was treated like an outsider. He kept his grudge for a very long time. Now that he was a grownup, he could do whatever he pleases. (I wish he could take this like he couldn’t do anything about it.)

There was one boy called Rukimaya. He was Japanese. That meant he wasn’t a slave. He was the son of a rich and wealthy family. He had 11 sisters, 9 brothers and 67 relatives. His family agreed with the idea of slavery, but he was the only one who disagreed.

He was liked by lots of people, especially by the ladies. 😉

(To Be Continued)

(I couldn’t have gotten these pictures without knowing ajikinai.)

I’m not done with the whole post, but I’ll get done by July … 🙂

Do video games have a bad influence on people?

I know a few things about video games and most of the them are pretty bad. What do I mean?

Most video games are not for children. They are for teens and grownups. I wish I could do something about it, but that’s how the ESRB decided. Why do we have to think about war and death? We shouldn’t be thinking about that one bit. Here’s why video games have bad influences on people. After people start getting used to playing war games they start copying the game like drinking, just because they think it’s cool. Saying bad words and putting life at risk is a wrong thing. There’s a game called Killzone 1 Killzone 2 and so on. In this game people start killing each other and start acting like it’s fine. I feel sad for the people who think this. Like: “Oh my gosh!” Transformers 2 had a lot of war and it was cool! Then why am I thinking bad about video games which are way less violent then Transformers, you might ask. Movies and video games have different perspectives. Movies want to teach you lessons about life or whatever message they try to tell you. Video games are for entertainment only. Some video games are ok and good. However, most games are violent and inappropriate for kids.

Some violent games are against God. People are so into them that they don’t realize they are disrespectful. I am not saying that all people who are not like me are against God. I played some war and violent games. I don’t like them anymore. I used to like Halo, it was my favorite game when I was 7 year’s old. I used to beat half of the Halo games and still would beat it again and again. I liked the game but I was not addicted to it. I just wish they could create something better than killing aliens.

Do you agree with me on war?

Do you play Killzone?

Do you play Halo?

Do you believe in war?

Do you dislike war?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

Hey! Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day. He was a famous man for all the good he’s done. I’ve read his story a few times and his story is great to read. He was famous for all his good deeds. He was famous for speaking against discrimination based on skin color. He was brave enough to encourage people to stop all of this nonsense. I would feel the same if I were mistreated …

“I have a dream…” (August 28, 1963)
In his speech, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke against judging people if they are different than we are and he asked us to look for what we all have in common.

To hear the whole speech watch this clip I uploaded, this way you can get a better idea of what I am saying.

Comments always appreciated… 🙂

Amazing Sand Art

Watch the whole video. It’s like a movie, it’s whole story. You can check more art stories from this great artist.


My perspective about Barrack Obama

We all know that all of our presidents were white skin color: John Adams, George Bush, George Washington and so on. We’ve never had a black president, I am not saying we have to, but at least can we give it a shot? We were trying to find a person who had the guts to be a president. But this time the kids got to pick the next president too. We had lot’s of votes for different grownups and only one grownup succeeded to become a president. His name was Barrack Obama, he was going to be the first black president in the USA.

He seemed like a good president, nice style and not to mention a nice figure. When I saw him I knew there was going to be good things happening around him. Well, I was wrong. People started disliking Barrack Obama and saying bad about him. Even the kids that voted for him (on Nickelodeon) started to regret they voted for Barrack Obama. I still like Barrack Obama (even though I didn’t vote for him) but when I heard most of my friends saying they don’t like Obama then I’m like: “What the heck”.
I think it’s rather stupid to vote for a president and then say I hate the president I voted for. See this is why the grownups pick the president. Not the kids, it’s not healthy for us to vote and say we don’t like what we voted for. It’s kind of like you say you want something, but when you try it you start regretting that you wanted that particular object. At least we picked a black president. Me and my family went to Atlanta town to see Barrack Obama’s inaugural speech, it wasn’t him in person it was him on a screen instead. It was so cold during the speech, everybody’s hands had blue veins that looked like it was going to come out. Some family saw us freezing to death and they were generous enough to let us borrow the blanket for comfort. I felt sorry for that family. They were freezing to death I wish I could do something but I had nothing. So all I could do was say thank you, I felt so thankful. I couldn’t hear Obama’s speech at all, I think the producer’s should have put better sound effects. 🙂

Do you like Barrack Obama?

Do you dislike Barrack Obama?

Do you believe in his speeches?

Do you want to vote him out of the white house?

Do you think what he’s doing is for the best?

“Avatar” – Movie special (2009)

I love Avatar, it is one of my favorite movies from last year. I couldn’t have watched a better movie then Avatar.

The movie itself was great because it expresses all of the elements of life. I just felt so happy seeing the movie, the movie brought me some memories from my old times. I cried out of happiness, after seeing the movie. Some people say: “They always leave best for last”, well it certainly was true of Avatar, coming out in the last month of the year.

I just can’t stop thinking about Avatar. I saw it in 3D which made the experience a whole lot better. Also it was hard to forget about it when almost every blog I knew has been talking about Avatar. I knew I would find a movie that I would get so addicted to. It always happens to me, I do some kind of activity and then all I can think about is that particular activity.

People have different ways of living, like the blue humanoid race in the movie Avatar called the Navi and they live a whole lot different according to the movie. The movie shows a man who has parallelized feet and then he becomes one of the Navi kind. Learning their way, how to live, until his kind starts attacking the Navi’s home tree, looking for a valuable mineral. The Navi kind are forced to battle the humans to save their world from extinction. The movie “Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen” triumphed in first place, but by January Avatar ended up wining over $1 billion dollars making the movie first place.

I was so happy to know that Avatar went into it’s rightful place, I am a fan of Transformers, but the second movie had to much action and it was a little mature for me. I enjoyed the first Transformers, but I think Micheal Bay (the director of Transformers) went a little to far on the second Transformers. I think James Cameron did a great job on Avatar: the images, the graphics and the beauty of Pandora. The movie was so refreshing, I wish I could put a video about Avatar, but I am not at that level yet. Well, I think I have watched other James Cameron’s movies, it’s just that I don’t know which one I saw from him. But right now I only know that he made Avatar, so Avatar is my favorite movie from James Cameron. 🙂

What is your favorite part in Avatar?

Did you enjoy Avatar?

What do you think about Avatar?

Is Avatar your favorite movie?