Flying …


“Why do people want to fly?”

This is a question we all have but we’re reluctant to ask.
Yeah, flying is something everyone dreams and really wants to do, even if it may be impossible. When  you’re flying,

    you can experience the wonderful things that you never felt before.

You feel like a bird, you’re free, so free, that you won’t want to go back again to the  real land. You will feel that every inch of your burdens go away as long as you fly. “Freedom,” that’s the reason everyone loves to fly. The freedom which you will never find in the world. Although we want it so bad, such freedom will never be found, unless you fly.
Ben Foster as Angel in The 20th Century Fox's X-Men 3 (2006)

People say …

“Who can fly?”

“You will never be able to fly.”

It’s only in a dream, it’s only in the folklore. The fact is trying to fly is just an empty hope. “Stupid,” that’s the word for someone who dreams of flying. But, who cares!!! Who cares about it!!! What’s wrong with a boy loving to fly? I just want to fly. That’s all. I never thought about why or how I will fly, because I just believed, I just believed that someday my wings will grow in my shoulder, and at that time you will see I’m flying in the sky, lying on the clouds, playing with the birds.
You may laugh at me, you may call me “stupid”. But, I have dreams. Dreams that will make me fly, far in the high sky. It’s just like believing in Santa Claus. Adults must think that there’s no Santa Claus, there’s no such a thing. But, I never thought if he does exist or not, I just believed it. Or like believing in Peter Pan who comes from the Wonder Land. I felt so happy when I knew about Peter Pan. I’m happy that I’m a fool boy, a fool boy who believes in all impossible things. Because the one who never has dreams is the worst ever, worse than a fool dreamer like myself.
I hope you will understand me, I don’t mind if you have different thoughts than mines. If you don’t believe in flying, never mind. This is just about my life, myself, and my world.

Why do you want to fly?

What would you want to do if you could fly?

“Thanks for reading.”


33 comments on “Flying …

  1. willowbatel says:

    It’s funny you wrote about this because in the dream I had last night I was able to fly (wings and all.)
    I would want to be super strong as well as be able to fly (much like the kids in Maximum Ride.) That way I could kick ass and get away without any trouble hahaha. (I’ve got trouble at school.)
    Hmm, if I could fly… I think I’d disappear from the world. Go to some rainforest somewhere and live in peace. That’d make a fun story plot… bugger now I’m going to have to go and write that out lol.

    • scidrew says:

      Dude that was pretty funny but I wasn’t talking about using flying for fun.
      I was talking about when u fly, it brings u to life and u feel freedom.
      Last night I dreamed of machine tanks and monsters fighting us in a war.
      It kind of was as cool as the movie Avatar.

  2. cody4webkinz says:

    I love it! I hate being in the car! I’m in Oklahoma

    • scidrew says:

      Awesome Cody! But usually I go every year to Florida and it takes 10 hours to get there.
      I know your pain in the car I have it almost every time.
      How long did take to get to Oklahoma?

  3. GREAT article. I think you make a wonderful author 🙂

  4. sasammygirl says:

    That was pure poetry sir…I want to fly becuase I like to feel the brisk wind on my face and see the sun’s rays bounce off the clouds at sunset. And ultimatley I’d like to be free, to fly is to be free.

  5. Fiya says:



    When I was a kid,
    I always wanted to have a couple of wings so that I could fly around the world..
    free just like a bird..
    when I grow up,
    I realise it almost impossible..

    but u know what..
    I keep dreaming..
    that one day I could fly, free like a bird..
    if I had that chance..
    I will find fly, till I found apeaceful place to stay..

    nice blog..
    mind to see my blog?



  6. ajikinai says:

    Merry Christmas Andrew…Haven’t your wings growth yet?haha My wings have already growth you know…hahaha just kidding…
    Enjoy your Christmas party…!
    Don’t get too much soda and chocolate,it’ll make you have no idea again for the last year post..kakakaka 😆

  7. djagung says:

    i know that it’s impossible that i can fly . but i’m sure that nothing’s possible in the world….

  8. sasammygirl says:

    LL you should really only advertise with permission from the authors.

  9. I dont think she meant to advertise, its not her blog, i think she just wanted you to comment with her there

  10. scidrew says:

    it’s okay littleleaf32, just don’t do comment about something else and I will be your

  11. littleleaf32 says:

    Where did you get the picture?

  12. demoffy says:

    gambarnya orang punya sayap.. 🙂

    bagus.. andai sayap itu kelihatan.. 😦

  13. demoffy says:

    I’m sory..
    I mean… beautiful wing..
    if I have…
    I can really fly.. 🙂

  14. ajikinai says:

    hey, I’m here now…I don’t know if I can be here at 8:30.

  15. scidrew says:

    That’s okay, come over when ever you think is the best time.

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