Terminators or peacemakers?

Why do we go the way of destruction, the way of pollution, the way of degradation? Are we terminators or are we peacemakers?

Basically our human race has been terminating life and nature as we know it, putting ourselves in the work of evil. Don’t you think this is putting us in a bad situation? Why do we move from good to bad?

Look, I’m fine with construction work, but why destroy the environment. I hope you see how much I like (and hate) this? Here’s what I think is going on here. Terminators are all we turn into, like for example: we are naughty babies that cause mayhem, then we become destructive teens and … worse, we get to cause the worst destruction of all at a grownup age. Do we really think that we have to let this go on in our life? Do we have a reason for our destructive power? God has forgiven us, from top to bottom. The way we should live, is to forgive and love. So I’m going to ask you: are you going to act like a human or like a terminator? Are we going to let the destruction flow again? This is my message, although I respect our differences: you can stop this from happening. If you have a little faith, you can change 9% of this world, which I think is not asking a lot. While you do that, you can probably find the “duck spirit” in you. My advice: keep bad environment use out of your life.

Also don’t touch super glue or you’ll end up getting some mild amnesia.  Ha, ha. Once, my little sister watched a little bit of Terminator Salvation. She got scared and then she touched the glue. So when she got in the bathroom she freaked out, she said she saw a bobble head terminator, which was going to give her a hug.

Anyways, keep yourselves from turning into those terminators. You know who you are … who am I?


25 comments on “Terminators or peacemakers?

  1. telanarra says:


  2. powerful message & pretty cool blog!!! i hope you have a Jesus filled day!!

  3. ajikinai says:

    Everyone knows from the first time that what he does is good or not…
    So, why?? why he still does it when he realizes what he does is bad and even the worst…??? This is because, world asks him to do that, environment forces him to change and become a bad guy…
    hm..but that’s only my opinion.
    Good Job and Nice Posting…

  4. Raven says:

    “we are naughty babies that cause mayhem”

    I have to disagree with you here. I have a little girl. From the day she was born she has done nothing but improve my life. She has never caused mayhem. Babies are innocent and beautiful. The only other person I’ve ever known to say something like that was not a good person. I do hope you grow up respecting your environment, though. We only have one Earth and she needs to be cared for if we want her to continue letting us live here.

    Brightest blessings,


  5. ajikinai says:

    andrew..I give you my hint, if you want my friends to come to your blog..just say “Kunjungi blog saya ya” to them…
    haha no worries, i will help you too.
    Anyway, please check your URL video that you gave me…when I opened it, youtube said “The URL contained a malformed video ID”
    Hm…maybe you got the wrong URL…
    okay…keep bloging and visit other blogs too,it will raise your visitors up.
    Thanks Andrew… :mrgreen:

  6. isisaurusrex says:

    Hey! Nice blog…thanks for commenting on mine! IR

  7. cody4webkinz says:

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  8. willowbatel says:

    Humans do not coexist with nature like the rest of earths species. We destroy and then destroy some more. I would honestly rather live in an apartment complex if I knew that the forests would be saved. We cut down thousands of acres a day. I don’t know how there’s any forest left. Our planet is dying, the only way we could save it is if all of humanity left and planted a tree on the way out. Humans are a plague. *sigh* This is why I love Avatar, it’s set on such a beautiful planet with a people that CARE about their home. Honestly that movie is a fantasy almost directly from my soul lol.

    • scidrew says:

      Thank u for seeing it my way.
      Sometimes we cause bad stuff but we have to plant trees before our earth is close
      to death. I want to see Avatar so bad!
      Thanks for stopping by.

      • willowbatel says:

        You NEED to go see it. I saw in 3D first and I’m going to go see it again normally. I’d advise seeing it normally first so you get a better idea of how everything looks. It was kind of blurry in 3D so I want to see how everything looks because it’s such a beautiful world.

      • scidrew says:

        I just saw the movie earlier today in 3D. It was so cool !!!

  9. willowbatel says:

    I about died at the end when all the animals come together to save the planet. Isn’t that the best movie this year?

  10. hey I came back just like you asked me too! 🙂

  11. could you make me an author here?

  12. ok scidrew I wrote down my awnsers 🙂

  13. cody4webkinz says:

    Yo Yo Yo!! It’s my birthday

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