Money and the world of games

Here on this planet earth, there is something that the whole world has interest in: money. 97% of this planet, that is. It’s amazing how money flows through our hands. Besides that, no matter how much you hate or love money, it’s not going to make a difference. You need it for your health, for a place to live in, to have internet and so on. It’s all about the money. I hate the money but I need the money. For goodness sake, I wish it wasn’t about the money. It’s cramming it down my throat.

I had a talk about money with my parents when I was seven. So they said that you can’t escape money. But I thought I could escape money. So I went to the computer tried to find some games that would blow my mind, still found only paying games. Until I found Webkinz, that website was fun. But then deluxe membership came. Man, that put me on my anger issues for 4 days. But then I found a website called Free Realms. It was fun, but you had to pay to get the cool stuff. Also the best level you could go to was 24 and I ended up mastering all the levels. Then I kept going, I found a game called World of Warcraft, but I didn’t want to play the game. Firstly, it had evil stuff against God. Secondly, you had to pay $15 every month to play it and thirdly, it wasn’t for my computer. So I thought, my plan is dead. I couldn’t find anything fun to enjoy without paying. Then I thought of making my own website, but there were 3 problems with that. Firstly, I have no money, which means I can’t spend for cool cameras. Secondly, I need to find some helpers to work on it. Thirdly, I need to pay every month for the website. So I tried to make a blog and yeah, now the blog plan succeeded.


24 comments on “Money and the world of games

  1. Alexandra says:

    Andrew good job, keep on working on the blog

  2. Nadia Zidaru says:

    BRAVOOOOOO Andrew!!!!
    Dar sa stii ca lumea se invarte in jurul acestui subiect(banii)
    . Sa cerem de la Dumnezeu intelepciune in ai gestiona.
    Ai facut o treba buna.

  3. scidrew says:

    True, if I don’t like World of Warcraft, then I would be waisting my time going on your blog. Anyways I already stopped blogging on your blog. The only reason I check your blog because I want to see how your blog job is doing. Also so you contain the reply’s I give you but the reason I brought up the blizzard company so I can give you an example of the war. Hey thanks for the information you’ve been a good help

  4. Wow, I find this so true. Continuing about the Webkinz – I hate the eStore! Bad enough they make good pets that you have to save up to buy the plush, but what about the awesome eStore pets? I hate that! I really do want to agree with you that I’d love to get away from money, but then again, I already own my own business, get regular costumers + I need money! For example: I didn’t know it, but I had a book out from the library for a month, when the max. you can take it out for is three weeks. So now I have to find 4$ to pay for it, when those four bucks could pay for something eles, like art metirials, which brings me to having fun without money. You can do a ton of fun stuff without it. Check the net and I’m sure you’ll find something fun to do.


  5. Dark/Soth says:

    DUDE! You should totally check out Hello Kitty Island Adventure or Club Penguin. Leave World of Warcraft to those old enough to think for themselves.

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  7. sasammygirl says:

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