Don’t really have a picture of my smart, yet dramatic sister. She has light blonde hair, close to mine, and blue eyes just like me. History says people with blonde hair and blue eyes are known to have vikings as ancestor (I guess that’s why blondes sometimes act so unorthodox, dumb and not wise. Lol. Patricia, is a smart person. Her favorite subject is Math, or that was before, I’m not sure. She does have some problems with writing long paragraphs, because she doesn’t like writing so much with pencils/pens. Now, let’s get to the real business of her. Because of Patricia’s friend, she has been influenced little, by little. It’s almost to much to say, her cup that is full of wisdom, Christianity is slowly being poured out, and letting darkness, and stupidity in her cup. One day I’m going to have to tell Patricia that her friend is changing her, even though she doesn’t know it. Now, she’s being dramatic about everything. Crying at will, when things are hard, and yelling because she doesn’t get it her way. Now, that comes from me. Otherwise, Patricia is a very good person, and is in the middle of a crush. Ooh la la.

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12 comments on “Patricia

  1. Prima says:

    Keep support her in many way you think it’s correct, good family such a fundament of someone to be a good person. Hey, I am thinking to ask Patricia to write about you, and you might post it! Nice idea :mrgreen:

  2. Prima says:

    anyway, no pic = hoax! – – kidding…. 😀

  3. nayyirnensi says:

    First of all, I probably know who that stupid crush is, her best friend? lol. Second of all, that friend of hers is rude. Not lyin. But crying when u dont get things ur way!, now that’s just sad, rofl.

    • Andrew says:

      Are you trying to say my sister is gay?! Don’t say that. Her friend is annoying. Her friend even asked to walk her throughout the neighborhood instead of her parents. I hope you understand how I think she looks ugly.

  4. Tea says:

    oh you are such a nice brother ^^

  5. Avery says:

    Your sister is very, very pretty- keep those perverted boys away from her. 🙂

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