Anabelle… Anabelle, what to think of my little sister. There’s a lot that speaks of her. Um… well, as you should see she has brown hair, due to the black and white picture that confuses you. She has brown oatmeal eyes and a very nice laugh. It welcomes me all the time to here her laugh, even though it may be a little snotty for her age. Although, she has a good smile and laugh, she also has a very whiny attitude. Because of Patricia’s friend, she has been influenced to yell back and contradict whenever Patricia (my other sister) and I yell or tell her that she did something bad. Due to this behavior, Patricia’s friend has influenced Anabelle a lot, and has been treating her wrongly, with Barbies, makeup, girly stuff. My mom and I don’t want Anabelle to look into the future of drama in her teens, cause, that’s going to be a problem.
We try so well, to turn her good. But, we know there’s good in her. Well, at least I’m not sure. Besides that, we love, treat and care for our little sister Anabelle with all our heart and wisdom. And hope she becomes successful in life, and will learn the Bible in many ways, without sleeping through it.

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14 comments on “Anabelle

  1. Elizabeth says:

    OMG !
    She is prettyful .!lol

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Whatttt ?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Because, I got in trouble the otherrr day and so I can’t talk on the phone .
    BUT I can talk on the phone Monday(:
    I’ll call you then …

  4. No, you don’t need to be 18, you can be 13 to be on that site.
    But anyways, it is a lot like myspace. (I say Better)
    And okk(:

    • Andrew says:

      Ah, then I might be mistakened.
      Anyways, I don’t wanna lie about my age. Sorry. 😦
      Myspace is a little too much about sex, drugs and bad stuff people seem to adore (like: lesbians, gays, this other word, stripping, dating [well that’s an exception]).
      Your welcome.

  5. And bro (Andrew), how can I start chatting with you ?!

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