Happy New Year!

I love the sweet smell of a new year. It puts me in a good mood all the time, I just wish new years wouldn’t stop coming. I always drag myself to excitement, I’m that kind of guy that gets excited too much. But with time, I will be a more patient person. For now, all I have to do is kick back and enjoy my childish life.

Why do I love New year’s day?
Because it gives me a chance to change and do something good in my life. So, I don’t ever want to miss that time of the year. Another reason I enjoy New year’s day is the marching bands celebration, cheap prizes for the video games I want, some of my relatives come to visit, brand new shows and so on. My favorite part of New year’s day is to spend time with my dad. He’s the one I enjoy most, probably some boys enjoy their mother best or some girls enjoy their dad best. It’s just a common thing that happens to some of us. I can’t tell for sure, but I think some people don’t enjoy either one of their parents, I’m not positive.

I wonder if people enjoy New year’s day as much as I do. Well. I wish I knew. But then … I would probably find lot’s of people cursing at New year’s day, so … I think I’m going to just enjoy it myself.

What do I do on New year’s day?
Well… What I do in the morning is eat special breakfast, watch TV, go on the computer, play with my friends and that’s just my morning To-Do list. Usually, I go with my mom shopping for clothes. I don’t like shopping for clothes at all!! She makes me go with her because she wants to buy the clothes on sale before it’s too late. I don’t get shopping at all, but I just wait until I can make some friends at the mall and probably talk about who started it so we can stop it. 🙂

All I can say is New year’s day is my second favorite holiday. I could tell you what I do in the afternoon but that’s private. I can tell you my evening To-Do list, well … I’d start with some ice cream, with some leftover ham and if I’m lucky, I get one 3 foot plate filled with bacon! I could put off a disapointment by eating bacon. But without bacon, I would really be ticked off. After my dinner ends, I’d either see a movie in theater or I’d watch a movie at my house. Both places are fun to watch, but I recommend to watch movies at home. Here’s another thing: I get to do sleepovers at my best friend’s house.

I don’t know what my sister does on New year’s day, but she is always happy even though things don’t work how she expected. That’s all I have from the To-Do list, hope you enjoyed it.

Happy New year’s day!!!

Do you like New year’s day?

What do you do on New year’s day?

What special thing happens to you on New year’s day?

Poison Ivy and Poison oak

We all know that God made a beautiful Earth and he made it for us to enjoy. But why did he create Mosquito’s? Or why did he have to create lions and tigers? They’re dangerous and fatal to all humans. I’ve always wanted to know: “Why did God create Poison ivy?” Did he create it to show us beauty of the environment? That would have been a good reason but not a strong one.

My friends have told me: Poison oak is the worst plant on the planet Earth. They said they’ve suffered the rash from Poison oak and have gone through the rash for 8 days. I haven’t suffered from Poison oak’s rash, but I’ve suffered from Poison ivy since I was 6 years old. When I first had Poison ivy I thought it wasn’t so bad of a rash, until my second rash came, it felt like a nightmare. I thought of never touching Poison ivy ever again. So after a few years I forgot about the pain from Poison ivy, I went to a tree and out of nowhere I fell out of the tree and fell in the Poison ivy. I thought nothing was going to happen, I was only in the Poison ivy for 45 seconds then it hit me all around. It went all around my legs, my ears and so on. I couldn’t resist the rash it was too much, but I was lucky. At least I didn’t fall in Poison oak. I don’t know how bad of a rash it would cause.

Another name for Poison ivy is “Toxicodendron radicans”. It is a plant in a family with 3 leaves Anacardiaceae. The name is sometimes spelled “Poison-ivy” in an attempt to indicate that the plant is not a true Ivy. But whenever you see three leaves on one plant, that immediately tells you (or warns you) to stay away from the plant. Because right now I still have that rash. So you don’t want to end up like me. Even though Poison ivy or Poison oak (for that matter) is dangerous, it still works with photosythesis.

Now what do I think of Poison ivy? As a rash bomb. I have a forest in my backyard and I love to climb trees and play in them. When I got older, my mom realized the forest had Poison ivy, so I was banned from going in there. I still couldn’t resist going in there. It was about 2 years since I forgot about the pain from Poison ivy. I went to the forest, got caught in Poison ivy for 2 hours, kept on climbing on trees, invited my friends in there and had a party. After 3 days the rash started coming big! All over me, in new places like my ankle, all around my back and so on. I couldn’t take it, it went on for 4 weeks. But then when I took a bath, all of the sudden it was gone. But it came right at me with a surprise. So I figured the rash is going to hit me all over in new places again and again.

When I got to one of my friends house I started having a rash in my armpit. I scratched my rash for 4 horrible hours, but then one of my friends started realizing I was scratching. So he told me “stop scratching it, it’s going to give everybody a rash!” I just ignored what he said, kept scratching until another one of my friends said “Quit doing that! You’re going to get germs around the house!” I’m like “Oh my gosh, everybody is acting up on me.” But it got worse, the owner and the owners son said “Stop or you will have to leave!” That just made me angry. I said to the owner’s son “Will you please not tattle tell on me?” He refused. Then I said “What if you were me and you wanted to scratch your pits so bad but the owner said to stop?”. The boy started thinking and said I was free to scratch my pits. So we both learned a lesson, never go in Poison ivy and never tattle tell on people.

Have you suffered Poison ivy?

Have you ever suffered Poison oak?

Do you dislike those two plants?

What do you think of Poison ivy?

What do you think about Poison oak?

Flying …


“Why do people want to fly?”

This is a question we all have but we’re reluctant to ask.
Yeah, flying is something everyone dreams and really wants to do, even if it may be impossible. When  you’re flying,

    you can experience the wonderful things that you never felt before.

You feel like a bird, you’re free, so free, that you won’t want to go back again to the  real land. You will feel that every inch of your burdens go away as long as you fly. “Freedom,” that’s the reason everyone loves to fly. The freedom which you will never find in the world. Although we want it so bad, such freedom will never be found, unless you fly.
Ben Foster as Angel in The 20th Century Fox's X-Men 3 (2006)

People say …

“Who can fly?”

“You will never be able to fly.”

It’s only in a dream, it’s only in the folklore. The fact is trying to fly is just an empty hope. “Stupid,” that’s the word for someone who dreams of flying. But, who cares!!! Who cares about it!!! What’s wrong with a boy loving to fly? I just want to fly. That’s all. I never thought about why or how I will fly, because I just believed, I just believed that someday my wings will grow in my shoulder, and at that time you will see I’m flying in the sky, lying on the clouds, playing with the birds.
You may laugh at me, you may call me “stupid”. But, I have dreams. Dreams that will make me fly, far in the high sky. It’s just like believing in Santa Claus. Adults must think that there’s no Santa Claus, there’s no such a thing. But, I never thought if he does exist or not, I just believed it. Or like believing in Peter Pan who comes from the Wonder Land. I felt so happy when I knew about Peter Pan. I’m happy that I’m a fool boy, a fool boy who believes in all impossible things. Because the one who never has dreams is the worst ever, worse than a fool dreamer like myself.
I hope you will understand me, I don’t mind if you have different thoughts than mines. If you don’t believe in flying, never mind. This is just about my life, myself, and my world.

Why do you want to fly?

What would you want to do if you could fly?

“Thanks for reading.”

Terminators or peacemakers?

Why do we go the way of destruction, the way of pollution, the way of degradation? Are we terminators or are we peacemakers?

Basically our human race has been terminating life and nature as we know it, putting ourselves in the work of evil. Don’t you think this is putting us in a bad situation? Why do we move from good to bad?

Look, I’m fine with construction work, but why destroy the environment. I hope you see how much I like (and hate) this? Here’s what I think is going on here. Terminators are all we turn into, like for example: we are naughty babies that cause mayhem, then we become destructive teens and … worse, we get to cause the worst destruction of all at a grownup age. Do we really think that we have to let this go on in our life? Do we have a reason for our destructive power? God has forgiven us, from top to bottom. The way we should live, is to forgive and love. So I’m going to ask you: are you going to act like a human or like a terminator? Are we going to let the destruction flow again? This is my message, although I respect our differences: you can stop this from happening. If you have a little faith, you can change 9% of this world, which I think is not asking a lot. While you do that, you can probably find the “duck spirit” in you. My advice: keep bad environment use out of your life.

Also don’t touch super glue or you’ll end up getting some mild amnesia.  Ha, ha. Once, my little sister watched a little bit of Terminator Salvation. She got scared and then she touched the glue. So when she got in the bathroom she freaked out, she said she saw a bobble head terminator, which was going to give her a hug.

Anyways, keep yourselves from turning into those terminators. You know who you are … who am I?

Money and the world of games

Here on this planet earth, there is something that the whole world has interest in: money. 97% of this planet, that is. It’s amazing how money flows through our hands. Besides that, no matter how much you hate or love money, it’s not going to make a difference. You need it for your health, for a place to live in, to have internet and so on. It’s all about the money. I hate the money but I need the money. For goodness sake, I wish it wasn’t about the money. It’s cramming it down my throat.

I had a talk about money with my parents when I was seven. So they said that you can’t escape money. But I thought I could escape money. So I went to the computer tried to find some games that would blow my mind, still found only paying games. Until I found Webkinz, that website was fun. But then deluxe membership came. Man, that put me on my anger issues for 4 days. But then I found a website called Free Realms. It was fun, but you had to pay to get the cool stuff. Also the best level you could go to was 24 and I ended up mastering all the levels. Then I kept going, I found a game called World of Warcraft, but I didn’t want to play the game. Firstly, it had evil stuff against God. Secondly, you had to pay $15 every month to play it and thirdly, it wasn’t for my computer. So I thought, my plan is dead. I couldn’t find anything fun to enjoy without paying. Then I thought of making my own website, but there were 3 problems with that. Firstly, I have no money, which means I can’t spend for cool cameras. Secondly, I need to find some helpers to work on it. Thirdly, I need to pay every month for the website. So I tried to make a blog and yeah, now the blog plan succeeded.


Anabelle… Anabelle, what to think of my little sister. There’s a lot that speaks of her. Um… well, as you should see she has brown hair, due to the black and white picture that confuses you. She has brown oatmeal eyes and a very nice laugh. It welcomes me all the time to here her laugh, even though it may be a little snotty for her age. Although, she has a good smile and laugh, she also has a very whiny attitude. Because of Patricia’s friend, she has been influenced to yell back and contradict whenever Patricia (my other sister) and I yell or tell her that she did something bad. Due to this behavior, Patricia’s friend has influenced Anabelle a lot, and has been treating her wrongly, with Barbies, makeup, girly stuff. My mom and I don’t want Anabelle to look into the future of drama in her teens, cause, that’s going to be a problem.
We try so well, to turn her good. But, we know there’s good in her. Well, at least I’m not sure. Besides that, we love, treat and care for our little sister Anabelle with all our heart and wisdom. And hope she becomes successful in life, and will learn the Bible in many ways, without sleeping through it.


Don’t really have a picture of my smart, yet dramatic sister. She has light blonde hair, close to mine, and blue eyes just like me. History says people with blonde hair and blue eyes are known to have vikings as ancestor (I guess that’s why blondes sometimes act so unorthodox, dumb and not wise. Lol. Patricia, is a smart person. Her favorite subject is Math, or that was before, I’m not sure. She does have some problems with writing long paragraphs, because she doesn’t like writing so much with pencils/pens. Now, let’s get to the real business of her. Because of Patricia’s friend, she has been influenced little, by little. It’s almost to much to say, her cup that is full of wisdom, Christianity is slowly being poured out, and letting darkness, and stupidity in her cup. One day I’m going to have to tell Patricia that her friend is changing her, even though she doesn’t know it. Now, she’s being dramatic about everything. Crying at will, when things are hard, and yelling because she doesn’t get it her way. Now, that comes from me. Otherwise, Patricia is a very good person, and is in the middle of a crush. Ooh la la.